Trading in East Europe

Competition has now gone global and for many companies it is unthinkable to stay in business unless they are big enough to achieve substantial economies of scale.

In such an environment, identifying new markets has become not only a timely strategic option but also a mandatory one for any company.

Poland which are the gateways to doing business in east Europe, both have many attractions for Western companies. In fact, both former British colonies have leading-edge infrastructure and services in logistics and finance, with the added plus of low taxes.

East Europe is still the leader in investment banking because of its sophisticated financial markets. would be the main location for financial transactions.

With its locations in the centers of East Europe business, Avv.Sangrigoli can provide companies which want to operate in markets with high growth potential like those in East Europe with specific assistance in developing new business structures, including in identifying and involving local partners.

Through its Varsavia office, which was set up some quite some time ago with local specialists, as well as through its connections in Poland and East Europe , can create companies, provide tax planning, structure business operations and, upon request, manage the relevant financial flows.