Tax Assistance and Accounting

Creating, restructuring, relocating or selling a company, or personal problems often having to do with inheritance issues, require a global analysis of the tax impact of every stage of the process - or, in fact, simply making a company's business forecasts.

Based on its comparative review of different countries’ tax laws and an analysis of the facilities offered by international agreements, Avv. Sangrigoli Gaetano proposes the most suitable strategies to optimize the tax implications in each case.

For those purposes, Avv. Sangrigoli Gaetano provides:

- Tax planning advice.

- Reviews of personal tax implications.

- Corporate tax planning advice.

When given a fiduciary or domiciliation assignment, Avv. Sangrigoli Gaetano can provide the companies created or domiciled with administrative and accounting assistance, including:

- Directors and auditors.

- Bookkeeping.

- Audited financial statements.

- The keeping of minutes of Annual and Special Shareholders' Meetings and meetings of the Board of Directors.

- The drafting of corporate charters.

- The drafting of corporate agreements.

- Seeing that mandatory corporate, financial and tax statements are made.