Sponsoring and Consultancy

A careful evaluation of the options chosen to achieve the goals selected in developing any business is required, whether it has to do with winning a dispute, optimizing an investment return or achieving a better competitive position.

In that respect, Avv. Sangrigoli Gaetano is in a position to provide a specialized evaluation of the options planned by thoroughly analyzing the legal aspects and making specific professional contributions by providing:

Sponsorship and representation in:

- Contractual and business disputes.

- International arbitration.

- Loan collecting.

- Trademark and patent registration.

- Registration of ships and aircraft.

- Stock-exchange listings.

- Enforcement of foreign rulings.

- International legal assistance in civil, criminal and tax matters.

Opinions on:

- Corporate law.

- Tax law.

- Industrial and competition law.

- Criminal business law.

- Finance, banking and tax law.

- Shipping law.

Advice and assistance in:

- Domestic and international transactions.

- Preparing business contracts.

- Forming partnerships, restructuring, mergers and acquisitions.

- International franchising.

- Transferring corporate headquarters to another country