Research and Documentation

The Avv.Sangrigoli Gaetano is all about information, both its own and its clients’. As we know how important every possible business, tax and financial development is for our clients, our consulting services are backed up by constant information-gathering.

The Avv.Sangrigoli Gaetano has always prepared articles on specific legal issues, particularly having to do with tax and corporate matters.

In addition, the first computer database in Italy of legislation, administrative practice and tax precedents.

Through professionals who do nothing but note the main legal, tax and financial developments in a great many countries, Avv.Sangrigoli Gaetano:

- Collects laws, decrees, regulations, administrative guidances and legal precedents from national and international high courts.

- Edits and publishes a specialized Legal Newsletter summarizing the most significant international corporate and tax developments.

- Contributes articles to specialized publications.

- Looks into specific legal problems and provides theme papers