Our Firm

Avv. Sangrigoli Gaetano was created in the 1980s for the purpose of providing the integrated legal services needed to meet the many requirements of an already growing and globalizing marketplace.

Companies are deploying huge resources in looking for new growth vectors in an environment of growing internationalization.

Individuals too are looking for ways to optimize their personal resources, especially in times of market underperformance with the resulting negative impact on returns.

The globalization of markets makes careful choices necessary. For better corporate development and tax planning, the tendency is to streamline corporate structures and optimize both financial and human resources.

Avv. Sangrigoli Gaetano has acquired outstanding experience over the years in servicing companies and professionals, as well as individuals, providing specific commercial, tax, accounting and financial advice and assistance worldwide.

During those years Avv. Sangrigoli Gaetano has operated in three areas:

- In the field of law itself, developing expertise mostly through dealing with international problems, and disputes, as they arose.

- In corporate, tax and financial consultancy, dealing with corporate, professional and personal problems.

- In research and documentation, and also assisting in the writing of specialized periodicals and publishing laws, regulations, jurisprudence and administrative guidance.

The professionals of Avv. Sangrigoli Gaetano have provided legal services and/or other assistance to companies with well-known brands worldwide in fashion and jewelry, as well as international companies operating in television, banking, real estate, hotels, cruises, yachting, aeronautics, retailing and technology.

Through the strategic locations of its own organization as well as through a network of professionals throughout the world, Avv. Sangrigoli Gaetano has been able to meet all kinds of needs, providing the kind of professional assistance that is necessary for anyone wanting to operate internationally