The growing interrelationship between legal, tax, accounting and fiduciary services has spawned a number of professional individuals and firms knowledgeable about a wide range of issues.

The Avv. Sangrigoli Gaetano's know-how is invaluable in solving legal problems in general, and financial, tax and corporate structuring problems in particular, which may arise in entrepreneurial and/or professional operations, especially internationally. Solving those problems is Avv. Sangrigoli Gaetano business.

Over the years, has looked into a number of areas and has identified countries in which it is possible to operate with the help of interactive and often interconnected corporate, tax and financial systems through the most effective use of international treaties and statutes, all of which have been promulgated by sovereign states.

If you want to optimize an investment, do business internationally, manage your personal finances in the best possible way, including for inheritance purposes, can help you. It will have your case analyzed by professionals with a great deal of experience and then submit proposals especially designed to achieve your objectives.

Drafting an international contract, structuring a corporate Group, creating a trust, even in faraway jurisdictions, and optimizing tax treatment are just a few of the areas where assistance can be the key to maximizing performance.

Also provides interdisciplinary services such as administration, bookkeeping and auditing where you will be dealing with highly specialized professionals with many years of experience.

Thank you for your attention and your interest in our firm. We will be glad to provide you with any further information you may require for us to draw up a report which can best meet your needs.

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Avv. Sangrigoli Gaetano