Financial Engineering

Forming groups of companies, joint ventures, restructuring companies and making mergers and acquisitions require professional assistance. Sangrigoli Gaetano can help you in that area by optimizing investment costs and capital employed, as well as in achieving the best possible protection of assets, including for inheritance purposes, by providing:

- Feasibility studies.

- Company evaluations.

- Help in finding corporate partners.

- Business planning.

- Project financing.

The creation of:

- Profit-making companies in general.

- Real-estate and shipping companies.

- Offshore and holding companies.

- Financial holding companies.

- Foundations.

The creation of:

- Inheritance trusts.

- Asset protection trusts.

- Business trusts.

- Charitable trusts.

- Corporate pension plan trusts.

Asset protection trusts are the most suitable for special requirements, and they can be created.